How A Food Writer Can Help Your Restaurant Succeed

Restaurants often rely on food writers to write descriptions of menu items to entice customers. However, if you own a restaurant, you might wonder how you could go about hiring a writer to write descriptions of your menu options. There are several ways that a food writer can help a business. Have Your Menu Written from Scratch After providing your recipes to a food writer, they will get to work crafting a menu description that is interesting and enticing. Read More 

Add Green To Your Catering Menu With These Pea Dishes

The pea is one of the most versatile veggies you can find, which makes it a worthwhile addition to your catering menu. If you're discussing your menu with your catering service and you have a particular affinity for peas, you might want to think about having one or more pea dishes. This can especially be true if you're getting ready for an event in April or May, which are the months when peas are in season — thus allowing your catering professional to use fresh peas, rather than frozen ones. Read More 

Preparing Your Gas Barbecue for Its First Use

With summer approaching, you will probably want to use your gas barbecue for a fun summer meal. But you shouldn't just take it out and begin using it without taking precautions. Whether your gas barbecue is new, or you are bringing out your old grill for the first time, be sure to follow these steps before you cook any food. Read Your Owner's Manual Each gas barbecue model is different, so be sure to read your owner manual first. Read More 

A Hand Utensil To Help You Create Homemade Meals

If you enjoy making homemade soups, but often are pressed for time or are only going to be cooking enough food for one, it may not seem practical to place fruits, vegetables, or meats into a crockpot or a boiler. The process of waiting for items to soften in a large container of boiling water can be time-consuming. One way to whip up small batches of homemade meals is by using a hand blender to do the hard work. Read More 

3 Signs You Should Buy A Pellet Grill

Pellet grills have grown in popularity in recent years, but not everyone has jumped on board just yet. If you're still hesitating to buy a pellet grill, consider if one of these things sound familiar to you. If so, then a pellet grill is probably a good investment for you. 1. You're New to Outdoor Cooking Even if you're pretty experienced in the kitchen, you might have little or no experience with cooking outside. Read More