A Hand Utensil To Help You Create Homemade Meals

If you enjoy making homemade soups, but often are pressed for time or are only going to be cooking enough food for one, it may not seem practical to place fruits, vegetables, or meats into a crockpot or a boiler. The process of waiting for items to soften in a large container of boiling water can be time-consuming. One way to whip up small batches of homemade meals is by using a hand blender to do the hard work.

A Blender Can Be Used To Create Varying Consistencies

Some people like their soup rather lumpy and choose to have large potato chunks and carrots dispersed throughout the broth, yet others are finicky about the texture of their food and may prefer something with a smooth, velvety consistency. A hand blender will give you the control you desire and you will be able to fine-tune each homemade recipe that you use.

For instance, let's say that you feel like eating a bowl of hearty soup that contains small pieces of ham, potatoes, and celery. Sure, you can cut all of the pieces by hand, but you may still be contending with pieces that aren't uniform in size if you don't take the time to use a knife in a precise manner. A hand blender will come with various blades. Each blade has a purpose. In this case, you would use the one that is designated for chopping.

After all of the ingredients are cut to size, they need to be placed inside of a small pot of water or a pot of liquid stock. The soup mixture will still need to cook on top of a stove, but since the ingredients have already been pared down to the proper size, you won't need to boil them first and dice them afterward and the chunks will soften quicker than if you were to boil larger items. 

Healthy Beverages, Frostings, And Toppings Can Also Be Made

Have you ever been curious about how a beverage that contained a specific combination of fruits or vegetables would taste? If you don't own a juicer, yet would like to make some uniquely-blended drinks, a hand blender will allow you to test the waters. In a large bowl or container, place some pulpy fruits and vegetables that you would like to pair together. Use a measuring cup to add any liquid ingredients to the main components.

A hand blender is often referred to as an immersion blender. The tip of one can be dipped down into a container of wet ingredients and the blades will spin as the food items are mixed together. When air is added to some liquid ingredients, a foamy texture is created. For this reason, a hand blender will be a suitable tool to use when creating creamy frostings or light and airy toppings that are being used to decorate pastries.