Add Green To Your Catering Menu With These Pea Dishes

The pea is one of the most versatile veggies you can find, which makes it a worthwhile addition to your catering menu. If you're discussing your menu with your catering service and you have a particular affinity for peas, you might want to think about having one or more pea dishes. This can especially be true if you're getting ready for an event in April or May, which are the months when peas are in season — thus allowing your catering professional to use fresh peas, rather than frozen ones. Here are some pea dishes that you might wish to consider.

Peas With Pasta

While you might often think of peas as appearing on their own on your plate, the reality is that they work well in a wide range of dishes. If you like the idea of offering pasta at your catered gathering, consider individual serving-sized dishes of bowtie pasta in a cream sauce with fresh peas sprinkled over the top and a protein such as bacon. Or, you might favor corkscrew pasta with basil pesto and fresh peas. The latter dish, especially, can be visually appealing because of its bright green hue.

Mashed Peas On Toast

If you're looking for some tasty finger food options, mashed peas on toast can be a good choice. Many people are aware of the popular dish avocado on toast, but mashed peas on toast will yield a completely different flavor. Catering services can prepare the peas in many different ways, but you'll often find them paired with such ingredients as garlic, mint, and lemon. Instead of being served intact, the peas are mashed into a paste-like consistency and then spread onto the toast. Ask your caterer about different toast options. For example, instead of conventional bread, your caterer might use French-style baguette slices.

Peas and Scallops

One or more seafood dishes on your catered event menu can be exciting for many of your guests. Scallops are one example of seafood to consider, and this is a protein that pairs well with peas. Your catering service can suggest a few different preparation methods. Sometimes, you'll see a single seared scallop served on a bed of pea puree, along with a few other ingredients. In other cases, scallops and whole peas may be an option. Talk to your caterer about these options, and don't be afraid to ask if the caterer can suggest a few other pea ideas for you to consider too.