Six Things That Guests At Your Special Event Will Love About Italian Catering

If you're trying to decide on the right catering option for your upcoming special event, you should consider Italian catering as a possibility. Italian catering can make your guests happy and satisfied with your special event.

The following are six things that guests will love about Italian catering for your event. 

Guests will be familiar with Italian cuisine because it is so popular and widespread.

When you're organizing a special event for a diverse group of people, it's important to choose a type of cuisine that everyone will be familiar and comfortable with. Italian cuisine is popular and widespread so guests from all different backgrounds will be happy with Italian dishes. 

Italian cuisine is hearty and filling.

If you want to satisfy the appetites of your guests, Italian food is ideal. The pasta-based dishes with thick, rich sauces that are typical of Italian cuisine are filling and hearty. You can be sure that your guests won't leave your special event hungry with Italian catering.  

It's easy to offer vegetarian options with Italian catering.

Nowadays, it's important to offer vegetarian options to satisfy special event guests who don't eat meat. Italian dishes are in many ways ideal for vegetarian event attendees.

There are many vegetarian recipe options in Italian cuisine because so many traditional pasta dishes such as fettuccine alfredo and stuffed manicotti shells don't contain any meat. 

Italian dishes go perfectly with wine.

If you'll be serving wine at your special event, you definitely want to consider opting for Italian catering. Few cuisines offer dishes that pair so perfectly with wine as Italian cuisine.

You can serve Italian dishes that go along well with both red and white wines. Your guests will appreciate it if you put thought into wine pairings with your catered Italian meals to create a complete and sumptuous gustatory experience. 

Italian cuisine offers many healthy meal options.

Event attendees who are especially health conscious will like the fact that Italian recipes can offer a well-balanced and wholesome meal. Italian dishes can contain ingredients from each food group so that they offer a combination of dairy, protein, and vegetables, in addition to carbohydrates from pasta, all in one meal. 

Italian cuisine is ideal for both formal and casual occasions.

Italian catering is highly versatile. You can choose Italian cuisine for formal banquets where a sit-down, multi-course meal is desired. At the same time, Italian catering is also great for more casual events. Italian foods such as pizza and lasagna work well in a casual special event environment. 

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