Unique And Tasty Catering Ideas For Your Wedding Day

When it comes to planning your wedding, choosing the right menu is just as important as choosing the right decorations. If you are looking for unique catering ideas, use this guide as inspiration and choose a few tasty touches to make your wedding day perfect.

Beer And Burger Flights

Instead of opting for traditional hors d'oeuvres, consider a fun way to start off the reception with beer and burger flights. Choose two or three craft beers, and work with your caterer to pair them with delicious slider-style burgers. Serve the craft beers in small beer mugs, and place the burgers and beers on long, flat serving trays. For guests who don't drink alcohol, work with the caterers to choose craft sodas or flavored sparkling waters to serve with the sliders. You can also add to this idea by serving steak fries in tall shot glasses with a thin layer of gourmet ketchup at the bottom.

Midnight Milk And Cookies

If your wedding is planned to last late into the night, surprise your guests with a midnight snack of milk and homemade cookies. Serve the milk in small, old-fashioned milk bottles, and be sure to add a straw to each bottle. Place the cookies in boxes custom-printed with your initials and the wedding date. Guests can then choose to take the snack home with them or eat it at the reception. Be sure to have a few different types of cookies available so everyone can choose their favorite.

DIY Taco Bars

Not all wedding meals have to be formal. For a more laid back affair, consider creating a DIY taco bar. Your guests can choose between ground beef, pork, steak or chicken tacos, and you can also have vegetarian taco meat available as well. Offer a selection of different toppings, and work with your caterer to create several types of salsas ranging from mild to hot and spicy. You can also include rice, refried beans, and other classic side dishes so your guests can fill their plates with a complete meal. As an added touch, consider having your bar staff create signature margaritas to go with the tacos.

Dessert Flights

Not everyone loves cake, so give your guests delicious dessert options by creating dessert flights instead. Work with your caterers to choose three or four dessert options, and have them make miniature versions of each one to be served instead of cake. These might include chocolate mousse, cheesecake bites, brownies, cookies, or parfaits. You can still have a small cake for the cutting ceremony, and you can offer guests their choice of cake or a dessert flight.

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